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As we age our bodies undergo many changes. In the eye, the  lens begins to lose flexibility, it becomes harder and more rigid, and the eye focusing muscle is unable to allow the lens to flex enough for close-up vision. This phenomenon is usually noticed around age 40 and is the reason why so many adults need reading glasses or bifocals.

Symptoms of Presbyopia

  • Blurry close-up vision for books and magazines
  • Blurry intermediate vision like your computer or cell phone
  • Difficulty reading fine print, especially in low-light situations
  • Eyestrain
  • Difficulty transitioning between close-up and distance vision
  • Need to hold reading material away from your eyes to focus

One option to deal with presbyopia is monovision. Many people do this with contact lenses. Later on, when it’s necessary to have cataract surgery, one eye can be fitted with an Intraocular Lens (IOL) for close-up vision while the other eye is  given distance vision. This technique does take some practice to adjust to this type of the lens, so we often recommend that patients try wearing monovision contact lenses before going this route to see if they like the effect before considering it with cataract surgery.

If you are frustrated and tired of constantly searching for reading glasses at home, at work or in restaurants, contact us to schedule an eye exam to learn what options you have to correct presbyopia. 

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